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so i love october...well not reallyy...

so i haven't updated in forever but i'll just talk about the big main things of my month.

hmm homecoming was awesome, i went stag but with like 19 people? because i'm confusing like that. i did my hair all like 1920's ish and it was so so perfect. then i hung out with people. it rained and i slept over at kadienne's and we talked about boys for hours? yes, yes we did.

i'm so boycrazy.

i can't decided who i really like. i swear i have like 10 crushes a day. it's ridiculous.

kadienne, how come we like never talk during the day? that's so upsetting.

today was fun! i painted with nick and jessy in my drama class and it didn't rain today. yessss. and i wore my judy jetson earrings that just kick.

they are so awesome.

i really wanna meet this guy at school but i can't walk up to him! i'm too shy! well, not usually but with him i am.

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cus its school and we never get to see each other long enough to talk
we should meet up at lunch

you were beautiful at homecoming
lol boys are wonderful things.
i love our long talks

<3333 BFF4LYF!! haha

i'm finally reading your comment because my computer is CRAZY!! like me. and yeah, boys are wonderful.

i watched trl today because everyone at our school is a crazy teenybopper and loves pop except for me. have you seen britney spears new video? i don't think i can get used to trl.

charlie listens to cool music!