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hmm, this survey i took...but it's fun.

Seven things that scare you:
1. Alfred Hitchcock movies
2. squirrels
3. getting old…but not retiring. I’m excited for that
4. losing people…or leaving them
5. dying
6. not meeting people but getting introduced to new people
7. the future…sometimes

Seven things you love:
1. california
2. the beatles…my jelly sandals
3. marilyn Monroe…urban outfitter tank tops
4. Audrey hepburn….my 7 pairs of flats
5. orange county…cardigan sweaters
6. my friends
7. the beach
Seven things you hate:
1. sarcastic boys…except ed if you count him as sarcastic
2. that john lennon died
3. being frustrated
4. being allergic to milk
5. gossip
6. that I had to leave my friends in new jersey…and that they can’t move here
7. the last day of summer
Seven things in your room:
· revolver poster
· potS
· starlamp
· flowers
· candles
· hard day’s night poster
Seven random facts about you:
· I like flowers, I was a fairy for Halloween, I voted for peace and freedom in our school voting thing for the presidents, I love making my friends happy and phone calls to friends in new jersey and sitting and writing on the beach
Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. go to brazil and take beautiful pictures
2. feed one kid in Africa!
3. to kiss a stranger
4. live in orange county again
5. meet geoff rowley
6. punch paul mccartney and yoko ono!

Seven things you can do:
· watch old movies forever
· find awesome sales
· play pool
· eat carrots all day
· stay up all night
· dance?
· swim?
Seven things you can't do:
· make funny faces…today I learned that I’m terrible at it….
· not get paint on me when I’m painting
· have people be mad at me
· be happy all the time
· clean my room
· bend my big toe….it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is
· hang out with funny boys…without feeling uncomfortable

Seven songs people should listen to:
· the beatles…..
Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
· that they skateboard
· their hair
· personality
· why seven?
· smile
· our first conversation.impression
· style
Seven favorite movies:
1. royal tennenbams
2. breakfast at tiffany’s
3. gentlemen prefer blondes
4. little women?
5. Detroit rock city
6. singing in the rain
7 things you say the most
· I love boys!
· I’m so crazy…
· what the…..
· like
· woo hoo
· yeah she’s mad…
· peace…not like ghetto peace but peace on earth…I thought I should clarify

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