loverinthestars (loverinthestars) wrote,

60's day

yeah so i thought since today was wonderful and everyone was dressed like hippies that i should update on
this livejournal. but yeah, i had an awesome day.

i'm a nerd and i like star wars and i totallly wanna go see it on wednesday at 12 when IF it was rated R kadienne would be able to go see it cuz umm that's totally her birthday! WHAT? yeah. and umm tomorrow i'm getting her an awesome gift. like not just awesome, amazing.

except that i had two bad apples today and that sucked. and i failed a physics test and i ripped my skirt and i was late to all my classes and it was really hot out BUT other than that my day was awesome.

i complain alot.
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how did you rip your skirt?
who is this?
dear heather, i wish i lived in the sixties. ohman how wonderful that would be. sounds wonderful, well, aside from the physics test and the ripped skirt, oh and the classes, butHEY life is short, liveeeeeeeeeeeeee like a hippee. ♥