loverinthestars (loverinthestars) wrote,

today was a good day

well, i know i haven't written in forever but today sounds like a good day to write again...

so i woke up and i felt so sick. my ears hurt so bad and i could hardly hear anyone unless they yelled what they were saying to my face. anyways, i woke up, got ready and wore a pretty dress to school went to peet's got a chai tea latte then i drove to amador

so the darkroom was full in photo so i walked around our campus and listened to badly drawn boy. i talked to kristen then rishi then i went back to class

my friends made me so happy today!

then i had foods but my class was too loud i felt like i was tripping out on all the sound so i left class and went to the library.

hmm, lunch i had an environmental club meeting and we talked about saving the trees and recycling. it was a good meeting.

boring stuff happened then i went to math and then school was done.

then, after school i came home, chatted with my mom played the piano and was off to make a civics video which didn't take long at all. we filmed it at the skate park, someone's mailbox and the military base. i think it's gonna be a suppperrr cool video.

then, steph and i went to barnes and nobles and read magazines, then we went to the mall and tried on lipglosses and browsed around the whole mall. then, i talked to KADIENNE! who i haven't talked to in about 500000000000000000 years and it was wonderful. i love kadienne! she's the best.

then i went to steph's and we picked out outfits for the METRIC concert! i'm excited for it!

the end.

oh, is empathetic a word?
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