loverinthestars (loverinthestars) wrote,

today was a good day.

i woke up and listened to bob marley and i had a pretty good day today.
first off, i talked to my parents about college which is so weird to think about, called a friend in so cal and we talked about school, alot. and that was fun. to think we're growing up and stuff.
then, i went to steph's house and we went to trader joe's to get a healthy lunch for berkeley. we went to the marina and found a SCARY playground. like it's all sharp edges and just scary.
i love how you really feel like you know someone and then they tell you something that changes your entire perspective of them. i had that happen today, like over and over.
and i called a bunch of friends today while i was in berkeley and i love all of them.
i love how things remind me of other people. like when i went shopping i kept seeing kadienne, and val, and jenn, and it just made me so happy.
so then, me and steph went to an asian market that was so so asian. it made us happy. to be around all the other asians.
then we went shopping and i bought three sixties dresses. not sure which one i wanna wear to senior prom. they're all really pretty.
then we went to an art museum and looked at photographs and paintings.

and yesterday i finished brave new world. and i love how reading new books opens me up to new things. like i feel like reading helps you to think the way another person thinks. i like that.

oh, and i saw keeley, kadienne's friend and she looked really pretty. we were both at a thrift store.

i wanna buy new earrings.
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