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so i love october...well not reallyy...

so i haven't updated in forever but i'll just talk about the big main things of my month.

hmm homecoming was awesome, i went stag but with like 19 people? because i'm confusing like that. i did my hair all like 1920's ish and it was so so perfect. then i hung out with people. it rained and i slept over at kadienne's and we talked about boys for hours? yes, yes we did.

i'm so boycrazy.

i can't decided who i really like. i swear i have like 10 crushes a day. it's ridiculous.

kadienne, how come we like never talk during the day? that's so upsetting.

today was fun! i painted with nick and jessy in my drama class and it didn't rain today. yessss. and i wore my judy jetson earrings that just kick.

they are so awesome.

i really wanna meet this guy at school but i can't walk up to him! i'm too shy! well, not usually but with him i am.

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