loverinthestars (loverinthestars) wrote,

i haven't written in forever so here it goes,

alright so it's been like five months since i last wrote in this livejournal and i thought i should update. there's not really much to write about except that i hated today and i think i'm a horrible friend. gosh, i've been getting all the negative stuff from everyone and i'm so so sick of it. i can't wait for this year to be over and for summer to be here.

today it rained. and i usually like the rain but i hate the rain today. i wish i could list all the things i hate today. maybe i will....the rain, school, stupid star testing, my locker getting jammed, awkward conversations, being called uptight, people judging everything i do and say, being stressed out, questioning everything and caring what people think.

i've decided i hate every food but carrots, bagels and apples. that's all i will eat. i'm not really sure why but everything else tastes bad and makes me upset.

also, question. am i uptight? yeah, i am. oh well.

the end.

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