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i love it.

so so much.

so today kadienne showed me the most awesome spot in pleasanton that has like water flowing through it and with it in the background it could make anyone look cool. lol. so we're definitely taking pictures there.

i guess i'm allergic to grass?

hmm, what else did i do? oh, i got the best jamba juice ever and searched for the district office which is buried in pleasanton and drove around pleasanton, and dublin and a little bit of livermore.

tomorrow i'm off to minnesota for my cousin's wedding. i love minnesota and it's ten thousand lakes and it's just wonderful there. like all my family lives there and it's so peaceful and full of nature.

today, all i could see were planes, dogs running fast and lots and lots of trees.

so i might have to go to dublin high, i wonder what it'd be like to go there?

so far i've swam like every day, watched the sunset, and seen a cute movie every day.

did i mention i love summer?

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